The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Universal’s Islands of Adventure

One of the themed areas in the network of the Universal Parks Resorts media franchise based & Harry Potter was the magical world of Harry Potter is, adapting elements of the Warner Brothers film series and the original novel by j. k. Rowling. The area designed by Universal exclusive license from creative with Warner Bros. Entertainment, a Time Warner company.

At Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida, islands of adventure and Universal Studios have an environment-themed the magical world of Harry Potter. Both Grounds including the Hogwarts Express stations that allow passengers to take trains reach the amusement park, a full-scale replica of the second ship that appeared in the film series.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando

On the islands of adventure theme park, the magic world of Harry Potter opens June 18, 2010. This includes remakes of Hogsmeade and the three rides. The main attraction is the Harry Potter and the forbidden journey, which exists in a re-creation of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is an interesting one from Universal Studios. Setting in Diagon Alley exactly with those on the book. Very interesting details, such as when you play the magic wand will move. A fun place once, can feel living in the city of Magic Magic equipment shops and so on, enjoy the journey by train and his platform.

The railroad between garden is about 5 minutes away. Funny to watch. A long wait in line. Go to the bathroom before getting on the road. Stick in the window so that it goes into action and also very fun. New travel Bank Gringotts. Lots of stairs and walk through the darkness of the Castle. Not all of the seats that fit on the body.


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